Integrated supply chain

Linking origin, destination and customer

Integrated supply chain
Serving multiple channels, facing increasing competition, addressing a greater focus on price and the need to look internationally for sustained growth are just a few of the issues that challenge retail supply chains.

MIQ Logistics integrate your origin supply chain with your destination market logistics, eCommmerce channel management and store replenishment to redefine your supply chain.

By integrating every element in the supply chain from production, through transport and fulfilment, to the final point of sale or delivery, we relieve pressure on your DC’s, support effective store replenishment programmes and drive eCommerce channel growth.

MIQ origin logistics facilities are located across Asia and all key sourcing regions providing specialist services ranging from purchase order management and consolidation, right through to sourcing support and assembly.

An unprecedented end-to-end supply chain solution that creates competitive advantage across three key areas:

  • Improving productivity – by optimising vendor and supply chain performance
  • Increasing margin – by reducing overall delivered unit cost and minimising inventory
  • Driving efficiency – by extending global sourcing and reducing the cash to cash cycle

Integrated supply chain graphic