Control Tower

Your supply chain under control

MIQ Logistics control tower
Today’s markets are more competitive and demanding than ever.

In seeking competitive advantage businesses are looking further afield for all-new, lower-cost, better quality and faster lead-time products.

But as this reach extends around the globe, effectively managing the supply chain becomes more challenging and the risk of product damage, late-running orders and operational inefficiencies grows exponentially.

MIQ Logistics CONTROL TOWER is your route to global visibility. Getting your supply chain control with performance delivered across Europe.

The Control Tower team gather and consolidate data from vendors, manufacturers and carriers to monitor and manage client supply chains, distributing updates in a consistent format.

We detect issues, risks and pitfalls at the earliest stage, which means that correcting action can be initiated and product flows maintained at optimum performance.

Regardless of physical distance, or supply chain complexity, our clients have visibility of activity and significant events, from vendor through to receipt.

The heart of our control tower is the information hub that is supported and maintained by a dedicated team in our Netherlands office, located strategically by Schipol airport.


  • Multi-lingual team maintain local language control
  • Enhanced client control with single point of contact
  • Improvement in supply chain performance and visibility
  • Capability to respond to changes in demand and supply chain framework
  • Managing inventory in the supply chain to maximise load and minimise stock levels