Project Management

Provided through all phases of a project as it relates to the supply chain.

  • Regional dedicated project/account manager(s). Assigned overall responsibility for managing work on your behalf.
  • Key performance indicators (KPI). Predetermined with the customer and monitored throughout the move.
  • Reports and audits. Provide summarized and detailed information regarding performance, compared to key performance indicators.
  • Progress meetings and business reviews. Held periodically, review report results and discuss problem areas and their causes and solutions.
  • Project timelines. Establish key milestones to ensure all logistics activities deliver material on time and comply with customs regulations.
  • Safety work rules and regulations. Closely followed; considered of paramount importance and foundational to our company’s values.
  • Project end review. Final review of key performance indicators, cost reporting, project timelines and other project-specific information to make sure all expectations were met.

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