Coordination of all activities associated with the movement of equipment and supplies to comply with project standards and timelines.

  • On-site supervision. Places experienced project managers and staff on location and available to oversee move.
  • Heavy-lift and out-of-gauge cargo support. Secures permits for heavy-lift and over-dimensional cargo.
  • Customs clearance design support. Aids with clearance procedures throughout the entire process, at origins and destinations worldwide.
  • Timeline and completion rules. Predetermined rules guide when to expedite shipments.


  • International freight forwarding and 3PL services. Provide access to reliable transportation capacity, in-country expertise, and state-of-the-art technologies.
  • Expediting, coordination, support and status updates. Expedite shipment delivery through direct coordination with materials and equipment suppliers, and monitors and reports any slippage.
  • Material receipts, line-item checking and verifications. Include physical inventories and damage assessments carried out by MIQ Logistics; we also handle cargo discrepancies with suppliers.
  • Export and import controls. Classify materials, identify those requiring export licenses and make certain all import requirements are met prior to export.
  • Documentation processes. In addition to shipping compliance, ensures all documents match purchase order specifics.
  • Export packing and preservation. Devises solutions for damage-free moving of over-dimensional or sensitive cargo and minimizes space utilization.
  • Carrier mode, transit-time and budget confirmations. Review of our air, sea and land freight, and vessel/aircraft charter recommendations to confirm alignment with project requirements.
  • Heavy-lift and over-dimensional transportation. Provides equipment inspection, transport engineering of lift, sling and shackle requirements, and on-site representation during loading and unloading.
  • Hazardous materials. Packed separately, marked according to codes and travel with supplier-completed materials-safety data sheets.
  • Customs clearance services. Include broker services, where applicable, the securing of certifications and legalization of import documentation, coordination of cargo release, temporary warehousing, and transportation to the job site.
  • Line-item tracking and tracing. Allows visibility throughout the move and alerts you to possible delays.
  • Labeling and marking activities. Designed to maintain visibility and efficient handling of shipments as it relates to purchase orders; include material receipt labels, package labels and material receipt worksheet reports.

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