Situational analysis and extensive planning go into each step of every move we handle.


  • Transportation engineering support and consulting. Analyzes the project in its entirety and provides guidance.
  • Offshore and on-shore simulation. Identifies the most cost-effective and efficient international transportation network.
  • Comprehensive risk assessment. Focuses on health, safety, loss prevention, compliance, sub-contractor quality management, infrastructure, resources and identifiable bottlenecks and/or congestion.
  • Port, infrastructure and inland-route surveys. Identify all related logistics network elements and, as necessary, resolve issues associated with transporting cargo to its final destination. Site and marine surveys. Analyze vessel safety and seafloor qualities that could affect the safe passage of the cargo.
  • Logistics supplier and subcontractor assessments. Use pre-defined standards and criteria for selecting on-shore project-execution partners and subcontractors.
  • Heavy-lift and out-of-gauge cargo feasibility studies. Identify and document specific transportation and handling requirements and permit requirements for heavy-lift and over-dimensional cargo.
  • Global materials management planning and project-execution support. Aids in development of INCOTERMS agreement, SOPs, handling and storage requirements, and IT interface requirements for shipment visibility.
  • Project logistics budget development. Estimates freight costs throughout the lifecycle of the project.
  • Support and consulting during the FEED phase of the project

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