Since eCommerce was born, everything has changed: the escalation of the Internet into daily life; the look and feel of online shopping and the speed of Internet connections have combined to drive us all onto this electronic channel.

But eCommerce poses unique challenges for retail logisticians.

Inventory arrives in bulk, as per traditional retail channels, but it requires much care from there – receiving multiple customer orders, processing and picking those SKUs as individual products, with 100% accuracy.

Our eCommerce retail platforms standardise and synchronise handling processes, so that our retail clients have real-time access and insight into inventory movement.

Our order fulfilment systems integrate with your online store, to capture order data and other important touch-points in the supply chain to remove inefficiencies and safeguard your customer delivery promise.

We also offer a personalised call centre service, which answers customer questions, dealing with order issues or any other customer issues, such as returns or delivery enquiries.

As part of our eCommerce offering we can provide a personalised packing service that offers your online customers a beautifully presented product, that can be wrapped in tissue paper, inserted in special outer packaging, which can incorporate a personalised gift card or letter.

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