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Madrid Maersk

The New Carrier Alliances AND your free infographic

No shipping line- not even Maersk! – can afford to buy and operate all the vessels they would need to offer weekly sailings to every port they serve – Hence the New Shipping Alliances.

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shanghai congestion

Shanghai update: Congestion continues to build

Congestion at the world’s busiest container port is worsening – at least in the short term – as the terminals struggle to deal with dense fog that started earlier this month, increasing volumes and the aftermath of the new shipping alliances launch.

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New shipping alliances

The new shipping alliances landscape

The new shipping alliances launched on the 1st April 2017, heralding significant changes and prompting many questions: With no competition on the main Asia Europe routes, will the lines push prices up; or with more sailings and new vessels joining, will congestion end and prices come down?

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