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News / Economic News


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Already a regular inclusion on many apparel buyers order book, the Sri Lankan textile sector has been given a significant boost with the EU granting it GSP Plus (GSP+) status as of Friday.

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Indian service tax

Order Xanax From Mexico

In a controversial move the Indian government have implemented a ruling which makes UK exporters selling on a freight-paid basis liable for a domestic tax that the shipping lines are collecting directly from the shippers.

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How To Buy Xanax In Australia

GSP changes coming into force from 1/1/2017 to 1/1/2019 show that India will lose preference benefit for a range of products including textiles.

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Xanax To Buy

Now that Britain has voted to leave the EU, it is inevitable that we will experience a period of uncertainty as the politicians sort themselves out and we open negotiations on the form of our future relationships with Europe. 

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Buy Xanax Italy

A survey published this week by The British Fashion Council found that 90% of their leading British fashion designers wanted to remain in the EU, with just 4.3% supporting the leave campaign.

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Drapers China infographic

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China has long been lauded for its huge retail sales potential.

Its rapidly expanding middle class and increasingly urbanised population are a ripe market for international and luxury brands.

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