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News / Supply chain

Asia shipping congestion

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Supply chain costs are rising and, according to a report by one the world’s leading management consultants, it’s going to become increasingly challenging for companies to meet their productivity targets.

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Order Xanax From Mexico

Perhaps unsurprisingly, a recent Deloitte survey found that cost reduction is the main priority for 75% of buyers. What is surprising is that nearly as many confessed that they had no supply chain visibility past tier 1 suppliers.

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How To Buy Xanax In Australia

Commentators at last week’s London International Shipping Week are adamant that Asia-Europe rail services will not undermine the dominance of container shipping.

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It is looking increasingly likely that the liner industry consolidation that started the year before the Hanjin Shipping collapse will end up reducing the number of major carriers to no more than a handful.

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Madrid Maersk

Buy Xanax Italy

No shipping line- not even Maersk! – can afford to buy and operate all the vessels they would need to offer weekly sailings to every port they serve – Hence the New Shipping Alliances.

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Lufthansa is the first airline to increase their rate, lifting them between 5% and 10%, with even higher increases expected.

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Bangladesh, the world’s second largest garment producing country will digitally map its entire garment industry to bring transparency to the supply chain in an effort to stop abuses.

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School holidays and vacations are top of mind for many of us in July, but for those working in the supply chain (and particularly retail) this month marks the beginning of the manic time that is peak season.

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Already a regular inclusion on many apparel buyers order book, the Sri Lankan textile sector has been given a significant boost with the EU granting it GSP Plus (GSP+) status as of Friday.

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Myanmar and Bangladesh congestion

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Increasingly popular textile sourcing origins in Southeast Asia look likely to face increasing port congestion as Ramadan and public holidays start to impact operations from later this month.

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