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News / Fashion


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The fashion industry has always been volatile demanding and challenging. The rise of globalisation, omnichannel and fast fashion added new layers of time, cost and performance pressures, making the supply chain a limiting factor, or a competitive advantage. This McKinsey report considers the challenges for 2019.

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Order Xanax From Mexico

With Brexit and President Trump contributing to global trade uncertainties, apparel manufacturing countries out of the direct line of either issue are increasingly appealing to UK and US buyers seeking contingency sourcing options.

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Global Fashion Capitals exhibition at The Museum at FIT in Chelsea, Manhattan, N.Y., on June 3, 2015. (Petr Svab/Epoch Times)

How To Buy Xanax In Australia

Retailers are being more cautious in opening new international stores across the globe, leading to a slowdown in global expansion, according to a new report from the world’s largest commercial property agency.

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Though Vietnam continues to increase its share of exports, China still has a fourfold lead where volume is concerned. This Sourcing Journal infographic has lessons for all shoewear buyers.

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Buy Xanax Italy

By shortening their production cycles ‘fast beauty’ brands can get products to market quicker than ever.

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In 2018, for the first time, more than half of apparel and footwear sales will originate outside Europe and North America.

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As part of a strategy to stimulate consumer spending China have announced that from 1st December 2017 they will cut import tariffs on 187 consumer categories including food, drugs and apparel. A move that may boost the prospects of brands seeking to penetrate the Chinese market.

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If consumers can be inspired to buy and complete their purchase in under 60 seconds and fast fashion brands can get new lines into store within three weeks, this is how you adapt your supply chain to be as responsive.

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Already a regular inclusion on many apparel buyers order book, the Sri Lankan textile sector has been given a significant boost with the EU granting it GSP Plus (GSP+) status as of Friday.

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Last year the UK fashion sector outpaced the rest of the economy, contributing over £28bn to the UK economy. It has a critical role is supporting the UK now and through Brexit.

Alprazolam Uk Buy