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Brexit tariff targets garments

The UK government has released an updated tariff regime that would apply for 12-months if Britain leaves the EU without a withdrawal deal, including amended tariffs to imports of clothing.

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No-Deal Brexit procedures updates

Whilst Parliament has been (apparently) unlawfully suspended, a no-deal Brexit is still very much on the cards and a number of updates and easements previously issued by HMRC, have now been extended for the 31st October 2019 deadline.

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France test Brexit borders

French Customs have begun a month long trial of the systems that it will put in place for processing freight if the UK leaves the EU without a deal.

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No-deal importing

We look at how importing from the EU will work in the event of no-deal, what you must do now and what will happen from the 1st November, if no-deal is agreed.

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British Fashion Council fear £900M Brexit hit

The British Fashion Council, who seek to strengthen British fashion in the global fashion economy, believe that a no-deal Brexit would cost the UK fashion industry between £850 and £900 million because of tariffs, and other expenses, based on 2018 export figures.

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Preparing for Brexit

As the October Brexit deadline looms closer, the prospect of disruption to freight flows is quickly becoming a reality, which means it is critical that you prepare your supply chain for a no-deal departure.

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Is short-sea the solution

Short-sea services can offer cost savings of up to 50%, for those willing to accept much longer transit times. But is transferring short-sea volumes to containers a way of avoiding any future Dover congestion, or is just making a bigger problem elsewhere.

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Six month Brexit duty payments delay

Our experts have been meeting with HMRC and examining the latest government announcements on no-deal Brexit processes to define how your EU imports and exports will operate post Brexit.

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With just 10 days to go; prepare for a no-deal Brexit

With just 11 days left until the Brexit deadline, the Prime Minster’s hopes of a third attempt to get her deal through parliament may have been dealt a fatal blow by the speaker, which means that forwarders, carriers and shippers need to prepare swiftly for the worst-case scenario and a no-deal Brexit.

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No-deal Brexit tariff published

Tariffs will be removed from 87% of imports, while some imports including selected foodstuffs and cars will go up, the government announced yesterday.

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