Protecting you from Jet Airways collapse

Last week’s suspension of flights by India’s Jet airways followed a lengthy deterioration of services and increasingly optimistic public statements, which has caught many shippers out, with consignments stranded at airports and cargo facilities around the world.

Jet airways passengers and cargo consignments have been stranded at airports around the world following the slow-motion shutdown of the Indian carrier.

The six Indian offices of MIQ Logistics, a company of Noatum Logistics, have been working with colleagues around the globe to recover affected consignments and help shippers avoid the impact of Jet Airways collapse.Boeing_737-8HX,_Jet_Airways_JP6781982

The deeply troubled Indian airline’s debt moved though 90bn rupees (£1bn), it has not paid its pilots all year, and in the past few weeks cancelled thousands of flights at short notice, so when, on 11 April, Jet Airways abruptly announced that no international flights would operate over the weekend, it looked like the final curtain for a carrier that has been flying for a quarter of a century.

But even after the airline transferred its priceless slots at Heathrow to a key MIQ carrier partner, Etihad Airways, Jet Airways insisted the links with Delhi and Mumbai would be reinstated.

This refusal to capitulate to financial reality and suggesting its planes would be flying once again, is what has caught so many passengers and shippers out.

The end finally came with Wednesday’s announcement that the airline didn’t even have enough cash to pay for fuel, and that the last Jet Airways flight would take off that evening from Amritsar to Mumbai.

If you have been impacted by the Jet Airways collapse, or simply have traffic with India that you want to protect, MIQ have regular, reliable services, contracted space and rate agreements with leading premium carriers including BA, Virgin, Qatar, Emirates and Etihad.

We have offices in six key locations across the country, offering the flexibility of services, carriers, routes and transit times to meet every need and budget.

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