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Carriers to launch a new loop between Europe and the East Coast of South America in a month

Mediterranean Shipping Co (MSC) and Hapag-Lloyd will launch a new loop between north Europe and the east coast of South America, with the inaugural sailing leaving Rotterdam on the 27th September.
Order Xanax From Mexico
Nine vessels will be deployed, with an average capacity of 9,000 TEU. Each ship will be fitted with 1,325 reefer plugs and MSC will provide five of the committed vessels

MSC has branded the new service, NWC/SAEC, while Hapag-Lloyd is calling it the ECX, reported American Shipper.

The port rotation is: Rotterdam, London Gateway, Bremerhaven, Hamburg, Antwerp, Le Havre, Sines, Rio Sepetiba, Santos, Navegantes, Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Rio Grande, Navegantes, Paranagua, Santos, Rio Sepetiba, Salvador, Pecem and Rotterdam.

MSC and Hapag-Lloyd consolidate their existing operations, combining volumes from a current loop they jointly operate, and coming off of a Hamburg Sud operated service, which they both currently purchase slots on.