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Xanax Online Fast Shipping - Xanax From Canada Online

For the 3rd year in succession – and with one win already secured – MIQ Logistics have made the finals of the Retail Week Supply chain Awards 2017

The prestigious Retail Week awards celebrate those retailers and logistics partners that have created excellence in retail supply chains.

Order Xanax From Mexico

MIQ Logistics win Retail Week Supply Chain Award

Being short-listed for an award with our customer (a leading global fashion brand) is recognition of our efforts to transform their business and increase efficiencies across their end-to-end supply chain.

Having clear visibility down the supply chain drives down costs, ensures a reliable flow of products and helps retailers develop competitive advantage, which is why it is particularly gratifying to be short-listed in the Supply chain Visibility Category

Winners will be announced at the awards ceremony in September at the Hilton Park Lane.

MIQ Logistics managing director in the UK, Andy Martin. “Following our success earlier this year at the BIFA Freight Service Awards, this Retail Week short-listing is a marvellous repeat recognition of our teams efforts and the immense benefits delivered by our supply chain visibility tool, PowerView.