China extends efforts to contain Coronavirus

China announced today that Chinese New Year public holidays are to be extended upto the 2nd February 2020 (9th in Shanghai and Suzhou), as part of efforts to contain the coronavirus outbreak.

While the CNY holidays have been extended to 9th of February, we will operate skeleton crew from the 3rd February, as necessary, to deal with urgent issues.
As this issue is still evolving, we don’t know yet how operations will transpire with customs, truckers, CFS, etc.

There is no evidence that coronavirus can be transferred on cargo shipped from Wuhan or China, which means that contamination will not spread to the UK on freight.

Viruses diminish consistently and survive less than24 hours outside the human body.

This BBC article – China coronavirus: Your questions answered – is recommended reading.

MERS-CoV particles on camel epithelial cells. by NIAID is licensed under CC