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Chinese attempts to prevent the Zika virus crossing it’s borders have been ongoing for some time, with nominated countries having to fumigate containers and submit a valid Mosquito Eradication Certificate (MEC) to the relevant authorities.

On August 2nd the World Health Organisation listed the US as a country that was reporting the mosquito-born Zika virus.

China have subsequently added the US to their Zika control list; which currently totals 68 countries (not currently including the EU).

Since March of this year, China’s General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (ASIQ) has been requiring that all Zika-infected countries comply with disinfection requirements.  Buy Cheap Xanax Pills

According to the US Department of Agriculture “Disinfection” in this case means killing live mosquitoes, their larva, and eggs” by fumigation.

Advice to US exporting customers is to fumigate at origin and obtain the relevant MEC, or the cargo will be fumigated at the arrival terminal adding additional costs and delays after arrival of 1-3 days.

The minimum requirements set by the China Inspection and Quarantine Services authorities can be found on the CIQ websites.

MIQ colleagues in China advise that if the fumigation process is handled at Chinese terminals delays are likely, but these will be minimal and that the fees applied in the main ports are fairly low.

Despite the publicised guidelines the trade press in the US is reporting confusion around whether containers must be fumigated at origin or upon arrival in China and whether fumigation documentation is provided upon arrival, or if Chinese ports will accept the documentation from abroad. If you have any concerns we will be happy to advise you.

Asia-Europe imports remain unaffected, but this is a fluid situation, so we will continue to monitor and update you on any significant developments.