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Xanax Online Reddit - Buy Xanax Brand Name Online

Cross-channel road services are being severely disrupted with Calais effectively on lockdown as hundreds of lorries form running blockades, to protest against the Jungle migrant camp.

Hauliers say they are constantly attacked by migrants trying to reach the UK and plan to block the A16 road leading to Calais port, until the camp is closed, which threatens chaos.Purchasing Xanax In Mexico

Drivers have been reporting for some time that migrants desperate to reach Britain have been erecting barricades to force lorries to stop so they can jump on.

In recent weeks gangs of people-smugglers have reportedly taken to hurling objects like rocks and even shopping trolleys at cars to make them crash in order to divert attention from migrants stowing away in empty vehicles.lorries Calais

The protest is going ahead despite a promise by the French government to remove the camp by October.

Our latest information is that protestors have now blocked the A16 road to the port and have also blocked all access to the Channel Tunnel, which means getting to and from France via that route is impossible.

protest CalaisKent Police is monitoring the situation and assessing what, if any, impact there might be in Kent