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Schedule reliability is critical and can cause huge problems if it declines because a vessel is delayed, a sailing omitted, or a container rolled. All typical scenarios in the period before and after the Chinese New Year holidays which start this week.

The average Asia-Europe schedule reliability in 2017 was the second-lowest ever recorded, despite carriers steadily improving their on-time performance throughout the year.

Reliability is necessary for planning shipments around the schedules and is particularly critical for shippers operating ‘Just in time’ supply chains, because if they miss the vessel it means they miss the window a factory needs to continue production, or an order is expected by their customer.

At 76.4% overall average schedule reliability, Asia-Europe services were down 3% compared with 2016, but month-by-month figures show schedule reliability improving from dismal lows in February to the second highest on-time performance ever recorded in December.Buy Cheap Xanax Pills

The three new container shipping alliances that launched on April 1 completely changed schedules and port calls, which massively disrupted performance.

The unchanged 2M Alliance of Maersk Line and MSC, ended the year as the most reliable carrier.

Ocean Alliance performed well, recording an average schedule reliability of 80.8%, 5.5% above the industry average , while THE Alliance was the least reliable alliance, 9.4% below the industry average.

We measure on-time delivery, comparing the scheduled arrival date at the port and comparing it with actuals, achieving over 90% on time in 2017.

To mitigate the risk of schedule reliability we negotiate contracts with a basket of carriers and our team in Asia monitor shipping line reliability, which means we select the carriers that will meet our service commitments.