International Shipping

International shipping is complex. What mode? What if you don’t need a full shipping container? What documentation and information is required? When do you need an NVOCC (non-vessel-operating common carrier)? Will current events impact delivery?

To help with your international shipping, check out the following information and links.

Global Quotes & Booking 

Find international shipping companies and shipping rates to support your business objectives and international supply chain management strategies.

International Freight Shipping Forms & Documents

Exporting and importing countries want to know who you are, what you are shipping, and to whom. Here are forms integral to the international shipping process:

International Terms of Sale

The International Chamber of Commerce created INCOTERMS as a worldwide standard for contracts of sale, expressing the rights and obligations of buyers and sellers – specifically, regarding the delivery of the goods. View an explanation of INCOTERMS 2010, which are grouped into two classes:

Import/Export Resources

Security concerns and government policy changes affect import/export processes and compliance requirements. Find trade-related U.S. government websites, and their up-to-date content, at Import/Export Resources.

Cross-border Resources

Cross-border commerce between the U.S. and Canada or Mexico has its own regulations and security processes. View our Cross-border Resources page for websites that answer your questions and guide you through agency requirements.

Transportation Tools

The weight and size of shipments directly affect your international shipping rates. Transportation Tools will help with shipping container specifications and calculations for air and ocean shipment volume.

Restricted Commodities

MIQ Logistics is unable to transport all goods. Please visit the links below for additional details.

  • Absolutely restricted – Commodities not handled by MIQ Logistics
  • Restricted – Commodities requiring specialized handling and approval before booking

MIQ Logistics Disclaimers

MIQ Logistics strives to exceed customer expectations. However, international shipping companies follow government requirements, and sometimes we face conditions beyond our control. Please review our service disclaimers.

Technology Logins / Track a Shipment

MIQ Logistics PowerVIEW technology allows you to track and trace freight by shipment or container, and provides sailing schedules from U.S. ports. To access, please go to Account Login.

Supply Chain Alerts

Weather, labor strikes and regulatory changes are a few examples of conditions impacting international supply chain management. Visit the Supply Chain Alert archive page for recent and upcoming events affecting freight shipping.

Business Resources: Find currency and measurement converters, exchange rates, language translations, and times zones at our Business Resources page.

Ocean Ports & Maritime Information: Port activities can affect your international shipping ratesand delivery timelines. Learn the latest port news at Ocean Port & Maritime.