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Supply chain transformation from an inef cient in-house operation, to an outsourced model of excellence

stopwatchThe Challenge

Already popular with celebrities this brand’s growth rocketed when royalty adopted the brand.

The complex supply chain that quickly followed; sourcing from ve countries, replenishing stores in another ve and ful lling web orders to 30 countries was beyond the capability of the existing in-house logistics operation. Which struggled to maintain performance during routine product ows and simply could not cope with the signi cant demand spikes that followed celebrity publicity.

Visibility of production timescales and order availability was very restricted, with vendors delivering orders to receiving forwarders at will, leading to multiple shipments, without consideration to cost or order due date.

clipboardThe Strategy

MIQ Logistics’ cloud based supply chain visibility platform ‘Powerview’ and integrated warehouse management system was implemented to provide the Brand with full global visibility and control of their inventory at SKU level, from purchase order to the point of order ful lment or store replenishment.

MIQ Logistics took on responsibility for warehouse management and simplified the fulfilment of international orders.

warehouseThe Solution

Inbound goods receiving, storage and order picking functions have been transferred to an MIQ retail logistics centre in Hemel by the M25 where a dedicated team manage all wholesale, retail and e-Commerce requirements; managing store replenishment and the ful lment of global eCommerce orders.

Product destined for International markets is no longer re-exported from the UK.
Stock for the US, Dubai and Hong Kong stores and international wholesale markets are consolidated at origin, or regional MIQ hub, and shipped directly to destination markets, reducing transportation costs, avoiding multiple Customs clearance processes and reducing physical handling.

Green Chart IconThe Results

The MIQ Logistics solution has rescued the US wholesale business, transformed the Brand’s eCommerce ful lment capability, reduced inbound costs by 20% and given the business a foundation for continued
export success.
The original in-house logistics facility has been reconfigured for office use and personnel costs have been removed.

Ceasing re-exports released resource to drive a 15% improvement in web ful lment performance, including same-day despatch, which reduced web order despatch times by 66% and directly led to eCommerce customer satisfaction rating on Feefo peaking at 98%.

Efficient order and vendor management has reduced the need for air freight by 70%, while full load consolidations and efficient freight management has reduced ocean freight spend by 32%.