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Purchasing Xanax Canada, Can You Buy Xanax In Canada Over The Counter

Long Tall Sally's supply chain was inefficient and inhibiting growth. MIQ’s solution required no capital investment and is providing a flexible, resilient and transparent supply chain, supporting growth at marginal cost.

stopwatchThe Challenge

The global supply chain sourced from 14 countries across the Far East, India, Asia and Europe, shipping to the primary UK distribution centre for eCommerce channels, retail replenishment and distribution to international markets.

Long Tall Sally had no control over vendors, who shared limited information, which led to limited freight consolidation and no visibility off inbound movements.

clipboardThe Strategy

To resolve inefficiencies, reduce costs and create supply chain visibility from origin to arrival DC, MIQ Logistics recognised needs encompassing five key areas.

  • Global supply chain visibility
  • Origin management and inbound forwarding
  • Sole DC management, inventory management and
    order fulfilment
  • Domestic logistics provider
  • eCommerce channel management

warehouseThe Solution

Global supply chain visibility is provided through the cloudbased MIQ developed PowerView system.

Long Tall Sally now has complete oversight of vendor performance and scorecard, which means buyers can work with most appropriate supplier and negotiate more effectively, leading to a universal reduction in unit prices.

PO status is automatically checked -30 days before order due date. Subject to tolerances this data automatically feeds into the client’s ERP system, updating global stock availability.

PowerView provide the client with a direct vendor communication link (and audit trail.) It is a paperless environment that holds all shipment and order documentation.

The Advanced Shipment Notice that updates LTS ERP is also transmitted to the DC for resource planning and advanced booking date.

Green Chart IconThe Results

Long Tall Sally has not had to make any financial investment in the solution provided by MIQ Logistics and there is no fixed cost for PowerView.

The original eCommerce DC has been sold for a seven figure sum and the funds reinvested in the business. Personnel costs have been removed.

With performance data to hand, supplier negotiations are conducted from a position of strength and have driven an overall reduction in unit costs.

Effective vendor management has removed the need for expedited air freight of urgent orders cutting cost, while origin consolidation and the move away from LCL to FCL shipments has cut freight costs significantly.