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Alprazolam Purchase, Alprazolam Online Reviews

Delivering eCommerce customer service and implementing a more effective return process

stopwatchThe Challenge

In 2011 this long-standing MIQ Logistics customer launched their eCommerce channel, to run alongside the concessions and wholesale outlets being replenished through an MIQ Logistics retail hub in Hemel. The eCommerce platform was an immediate hit, with volumes swiftly hitting 50,000 pcs in the first year.

clipboardThe Strategy

MIQ Logistics’ cloud based supply chain visibility platform ‘Powerview’ and integrated warehouse management system now provides the Brand with full global visibility and control of their inventory at SKU level, from purchase order to the point of order fulfilment or store replenishment.

warehouseThe Solution

The MIQ team are the public face of our client and are responsible for delivering the positive on-line shopping experience that boost customer satisfaction, drives sales and creates brand ambassadors.The team deal with multi-lingual customer service enquiries by telephone and email, for the UK, Ireland, France, Holland, Italy, Spain and Portugal.
MIQ Logistics have devised a new return process that has been conceived, initiated and maintained by the customer service team.
Instead of a single returns option, with the new system customers can select from either courier collection, return via post of ce or store drop off.
Now covering the entire UK mainland customers select their preferred returns route and the customer service team send them the appropriate paperwork to present with their returns package.

Green Chart IconThe Results

Since MIQ have been delivering customer service, eCommerce volumes have risen 30% year on year; from 50,000 pcs to 128,000 pcs in 2016 and are forecast to rise by 43% in 2017.
Over the last ve years the – MIQ resourced customer service team have been responsible for the despatch of over 660,000 items and sales in excess of £50M.
Customer satisfaction is monitored on Feefo, which has consistently stayed above 90%, run for long periods at 96%, and peaked several times at 99%.
The new returns process covers all customers, provides more choice, reduces cost by 20% and speeds up the return to stock process, as half of returns are coming back via store drop-off..