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Transportation Management

MIQ Logistics will help you with all of your transportation management needs. With MIQ Logistics,  you’ll gain control of key transportation processes, dramatically improve your operating efficiency, enhance your profitability, and receive the customer service you deserve.

MIQ Logistics transportation management solution includes a breadth of services:

  • Logistics Engineering – facilitates strategic decision making and alignment of your supply chain with your business objectives
  • Order & Account Management – gives you visibility to your orders’ life cycles for better control over inbound product flow
  • Financial Reconciliation – supports freight bill audits and carrier payments, GL codes, and accural processes
  • Reporting & Information Management – lets you track and analyze key business metrics for overall improved supply chain performance
  • PowerTMScloud-based transportation management system
  • Shipment Optimization – helps lower costs and maximize profitability through consolidation, aggregation, mode-shift and pooling

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