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The old adage is that you can’t have all three – speed, quality and price.

MIQ Logistics understands that for those managing technology supply chains, you indeed need all three to stay ahead of the competition.

Today’s accelerated product life cycles require adaptive supply chains that can reduce cycle times so that products reach their markets as quickly as possible.

Global outsourcing and international markets call for effective solutions that deliver control and flexibility, while minimizing risks throughout the supply chain.

And with the industry’s competitive pricing pressures, the winners will be those who build cost efficiencies into their supply chains and find opportunities to consistently lower operating costs.

MIQ Logistics offers a broad portfolio of flexible multi-modal freight and logistics solutions which support the challenges facing supply chain managers in the technology sector.

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Global Services

Air Freight Forwarding With services in and between all major international trade lanes and an infrastructure that can deliver seamless end-to-end solutions, MIQ Logistics gives your supply chain a consistently high level of control all around the world.

  • Air, ocean and sea-air  capabilities
  • Assistance negotiating rates and securing capacity – even during peak season
  • Vendor management and consolidation