shop layoutOur award-winning international supply chain solutions are uniquely designed for fashion brands and retailers, granting them access to performance driven supply chains, at a level where larger service providers would require guaranteed minimum spend or committed volumes.

With experienced personnel in all the primary manufacturing regions and value-added services available in strategic global locations, MIQ Logistics provides reliable fashion logistics services.

  • Intelligent supply chain solutions
  • Direct shipment to international markets
  • DC Bypass
  • Pre-retail processing
  • GoH solutions
  • Sample management
  • High fashion solutions

Fashion industry specific services
With experienced personnel in all global fashion manufacturing centres and value-added services available in strategic global locations, MIQ Logistics provides reliable retail logistics services:

Garment processing
Whether boxed, bagged or on hangers, MIQ Logistics can process garments to your specifications, quickly and accurately, for better outcomes upon their retail delivery.

Quality check
Our quality control inspections can catch and handle minor repairs on site, avoiding disruptions to your product flow.

Mail order packing
We can pick and pack orders, and convert hanging garments into folded and bagged units ready for shipping.

Fashion Supply Chain Compliance

MIQ Logistics builds safeguards into our processes, checking a shipment’s status at key milestones to detect and eliminate most international freight forwarding problems. As part of this, we ensure regulatory compliance while mitigating supply chain disruptions and identify cost savings opportunities for our customers.
As a standard practice we:

  • Supervise compliance based on specific customer requirements
  • Closely monitor domestic transportation
  • Evaluate documentation, including letters of credit, licenses OPRs, regulatory paperwork
  • Examine pre-boarding manifests and loading
  • Conduct security checks
  • Confirm post-shipment status
  • Check for customs clearance
  • Confirm the shipment’s arrival at port and its unloading schedule
    Verify final delivery

In addition, our Global Trade Management services enable our retail customers to make informed sourcing and transportation decisions further upstream in the supply chain, creating more nimble supply chains and improved cost control. We can provide compliance assessments, training, policy and procedures, protests, regulatory research, trade agreement advice and customs valuation guidance.