The MIQ Way


MIQ Logistics is always looking for ways to redefine the possible. The international supply chain is full of hazards just waiting to happen. All logistics companies must sub-contract to third parties, even if only to a shipping line, or airline.

Throw a couple of spanners in the works , such as goods that require special handling, or a challenging delivery date and you can probably appreciate why so many logistics providers fail to consistently meet their clients deadlines.

MIQ procedures have been designed to detect and eliminate the most common shipping problems that affect delivery times.

Control over your shipments is so thorough that we are able to take evasive action, where necessary.

“All MIQ Logistics personnel are duty bound to offer a 1st class service, dealing with customer enquiries immediately, without exception. Whether it is a quotation enquiry, status update, shipping details, or even a copy of an invoice, all staff will ensure that immediate action is taken.”

“No other forwarder in the world has more procedural checks in place, safeguarding against everyday forwarding mishaps that generally occur along the international supply chain.”

We don’t just trust it, we CHECK it!