Technology Strategy & Guiding Principles

Technology, in the right hands, can create a competitive advantage.  Today, technological advances occur at breathtaking speed.  At MIQ Logistics, we rely on our Information Technology Guiding Principles to provide direction for our behaviors and the allocation of resources.

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Global Shipment Visibility and PO Management

From purchase order to your shipment’s final destination, you’ll have the visibility to help with exception management, inventory decisions while in transit, warehouse staffing requirements, relationships with your business partners, and more.

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Transportation Management System

The MIQ Logistics Web-native Transportation Management System, Power TMS, gives you instant access to the information you need to manage your supply chain and make better decisions.

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Warehouse Management System

The MIQ Logistics Warehouse Management System creates best-practice efficiencies through standardized processes for order selection and coordinated work procedures.

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