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Asia-Europe carrier reliability improving

Schedule reliability is critical and can cause huge problems if it declines because a vessel is delayed, a sailing omitted, or a container rolled. All typical scenarios in the period before and after the Chinese New Year holidays which start this week.

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Two businessman of different size. Leadership concept

Why do smaller companies pay more to ship?

The World Trade Organisation says that cross-border trade is more difficult and costly for SMEs – companies with fewer than 250 employees – than it is for larger companies. But why?

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Beauty adopting fashion supply chains

By shortening their production cycles ‘fast beauty’ brands can get products to market quicker than ever.

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Going the extra mile (again!)

One year on from winning a trade award for supporting GANT’s eCommerce channel, MIQ Logistics are in the frame again, this time for supporting New Era Cap’s NFL Wembley match-day delivery.

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Rising wages pressure Cambodia’s garment industry

Garment workers in Cambodia will see their wages increase 11% this year, but this will put further financial pressure on the country’s export sector.

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Asia sea freight challenges

The traditional squeeze in space in the run up to Chinese New Year is just weeks away and there’s already some evidence that rates may already be hardening…….

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